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Welcome to Amethyst ICT

ICT is the backbone of any digital persuasive. ICT veilings the grandiose area of  communication technology, information technology, and the telecommunication technology. ICT is also a multitude of physical backbone and caliber. Network machineries, software, computer systems, wire and wireless connectivity systems, broadcast hardware and many other accessories and hardwares are the physical backbone. The learned human beyond the backbone are the caliber. Digital Bangladesh is an concept that  involves the IT use for administration, management and governance to ensure  accountability, transparency and answerability at all fields of state and society. To actualize the concept of "Digital Bangladesh", development of countrywide backbone and expected number of human resources are the basic needs.

Amethyst is a very well known ICT Services providing company in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Amethyst provides all kinds of ICT Services, Training & Products. The honorable Bangladesh Government has declared “Vision 2021 Digital Bangladesh” Project for the celebrating Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh Independence. Amethyst ICT want to a little part of this project. We have been trying to improve Bangladeshi people’s ICT skills.

Amethyst ICT placed in Chittagong city in Bangladesh. Chittagong is a well known port city of the world  but this city is not properly developed. ICT literature is too poor in citizens of Chittagong. Maximum 20% well educated person can operating computer. And only 5% educated person has completed "Microsoft Office Managment" course. There are 4.5 millions people of this city and near about 200 thousand young man achieve their Secondary and Higher Secondary School certificate per year. But good quality ICT training center is very insufficient in here. Amethyst team traveled maximum city in the country (Bangladesh) and they get same scenery of all. After that observation Amethyst realize to Amethyst has amenableness for the country and society.    

For this reason Amethyst take some steps of services such as  ICT training, ICT Products supply, Webpage Design and Develop for local and international clients  , Graphic Design and Printing solution for local clients, Dor to Dor Computer Hardware servicing etc. 

Amethyst takes a more step to providing online tutorials and many kinds of virtual components of ICT such as Graphics Design Vector files, Premium and Dedicated webpage developing themes, Official documents raw files by Amethyst Blog Page for improving ICT interest to people of our country (Bangladesh). 

Amethyst has been also trying to create a ICT related Social and Welfare foundation or organization. In the mean time Amethyst trying to collect volatier and donor about this subject. Amethyst will very welcome you to joining this project. For joining "Amethyst Foundation" please visit our Amethyst Foundation Page and fill up the form. 

We will always happy to receive advice and opinion from our client's, user, subscriber, author and visitor's. For give us your most valuable advice and opinion please contact us.


Thanks a lot

Amethyst Team.