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Bangladesh Internet Week 2015

Bangladesh Internet week has been started from 5 September 2015 and it will held to 11 September 2015. Bangladesh Internet Week will be a country propelled commemoration praising the uses and the upsides of Internet and web engaged applications. In Bangladesh, there are included than 40 on-screen character web group of onlookers in the country, the past portion of whom machine web through their flexible. In any case, a sufficient [...]

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Free Web Hosting’s Basic Feature

Looking for a chargeless net facilitating adjustment is a basal choice. Try to admit a in charge net host can be an cutting appointment decidedly with one of these considerable cardinal of administering suppliers and picks attainable this present day. Toss in the facet bedding and guarantees, the undertaking could be a ample accord all of the added scary. In spite of everything, it does not cost to be. How [...]

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Download WP Premium Theme Atlas

Map book Directory & Listings answerable is a actually adapted aberrant WordPress topic, it is the aftereffect of months and months of beforehand and connected inputs from admirers and purchasers. This answerable is inherent accordance with you! Your admirers will never acquire acceptance to the WordPress dashboard, accumulated is done on the front-end. You can, enlist, login, acclimate your profile, acquire postings, change your accordance appropriately absolutely added from the [...]

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Customers Doesn’t Like Windows 8 – 10 Reason

Programming behemothic Microsoft is washing the Windows 8 change of its working approach this week, and answer it to say that it's significantly adjusted from Windows 7. The accustomed Alpha catch and card are gone, for example, supplanted by a movement of significant, magnificent tiles. Likewise, there's another adoration asserted the "Claim Bar." Give Microsoft approbation for headway. Yet, will accumulated arrangement flood to get a handle on the change, [...]

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‘Technology, Disruption, Innovation ’ Dividend- What Happened?

For a ample breadth of time we accept been amused with affairs of outsized advantage increments in the Coalesced States, for example, those that absolutely went with the Industrial Revolution, the Second World War, and the aeon from the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s. Amid addition ability bonanza, the accurate case that continued from 1995 to about 2005, we notionally estimated in one of these aboriginal segments on the likelihood that [...]

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Bangladesh affected by smartphone- Youths are not interested about basic computing.

I have a dream about digitalization of my country "Bangladesh". Government of Bangladesh has open a project called "Digital Bangladesh" and I appreciate that. I have been trying to be a little part to my country digitalization and in that case I have joined a computer training firm as an instructor. Last 4 year I have reached many students (Basically Youth). Before some years Bangladeshi youths have a dream about own [...]

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My Dream- Digital Bangladesh

Digital World 2015 is a four-day conference, was the fourth largest ICT event of the world, with more than 120 non-public firms and a hundred governmental organisations from twenty five countries has finished last february. It additionally featured representatives from leading technology firms, most notably Google, that sent a broad vary of executives, furthermore as Microsoft and Facebook, among others. While the first focus of the event was to focus [...]

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Need Paypal in Bangladesh very urgently

Paypal is the most popular online payment system in the world. Its called largest webbank also. Paypal has been playing a very important role to expansion of worldwide e-commerce. Basically online freelancers have get help from paypal mostly. In this time world have more than 13.4 millions online active workers and they have released from jobless life most successfully. Some popular marketplace helps to meet online buyer and workers. And [...]

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Popular Bangladeshi V-cards Vector Design

Hello Frineds We have unlocked our some popular designing works. Now you can download some very very popular Business Card (called V-card in Bangladesh) vector design without any cost. Yes friend it's fully free. Popular Vcard created by Amethyst 1st one has created for Unity Enterprise. Its a very simple but attractive design. It has a blue horizontal wave in bottom of the card.    White background is the [...]

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Contact Numbers of all Police Station of Bangladesh

Dear Readers Police is the most nearest friend of people. Several times police protect us from robbers, thieves, terrorist and other criminals. Any time we could be a victim by the criminals so we need police protection all the time. If you're a tourist than you need to more kinds of support from police. For this reason I have provided contact number of all police station of Bangladesh for the [...]

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