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Download WP Premium Theme Atlas

Map book Directory & Listings answerable is a actually adapted aberrant WordPress topic, it is the aftereffect of months and months of beforehand and connected inputs from admirers and purchasers. This answerable is inherent accordance with you!

Your admirers will never acquire acceptance to the WordPress dashboard, accumulated is done on the front-end. You can, enlist, login, acclimate your profile, acquire postings, change your accordance appropriately absolutely added from the front-end afterwards aberrant to arrangement the WordPress dashboard.

What’s more, if this isn’t sufficient, your admirers will additionally acquire the adaptation to accordance with their accustomed postings from the fronted, they can acquire to abate their postings or to analysis them.

Set up an online base admission of any arrangement – organizations, shops, eateries, land, sites appropriately on in a bulk of aberrant with Atlas. The activity has artificial in accordance framework, you can absolutely achieve bundles to admission admirers to cavalcade postings on your site, you can authority different costs, repeating memberships, and baddest what basal of postings the appellant is adequate to acquire for every enrollment

Key Features of Atlas WP Theme

extremely attainable to acclimate with all-embracing documentation

Atlas is actually attainable to customize, the affirmation comes with video tutorials that actualization you how to use and acclimate the theme. The documentation, additionally shows you how you can acclimate the fields of the theme, you can calmly add, acclimate and abate new fields, these fields will additionally be automatically attainable on the front-end accepting form.

What about attending fields? You can acclimate them as well. Atlas actualization a customizable attending form, you can add, modify, abate attending fields which allows you to achieve custom forms and fields and use Atlas to annual any affectionate of content.

Customized Google Map of Atlas

The map has been customized, it let’s you add custom pin for ceremony chic and additionally allows you to set a custom pin for featured listings!

Geo-location of Atlas

Atlas comes with Geo-location abutment which allows you to actualization the across of the user on the map and attending for listings about his area.

Email Notifications of WP theme Atlas

One of the bulk actualization of Atlas are email notifications, every action taken on your website is notified to the armpit admin accepting you to acquire abounding advantage over your website, if you don’t allegation them, you can calmly abate this a more through the activity options panel. This is a annual of the emails notification attainable with Atlas

  • The admin receives an email aback a advertisement has been submitted on the website.
  • The user that submits a advertisement additionally receives an email admonition him that his advertisement will be assay first.
  • The advertisement columnist is notified aback the advertisement is approved
  • The admin receives an email aback a advertisement already arise is acclimatized by the author.
  • The advertisement columnist receives an email afterwards modifying his advertisement cogent him that his advertisement will be re-reviewed
  • The armpit admin receives an email aback a Advertisement Claim has been submitted.
  • Multiple Listings Categories

Atlas supports different listings categories and boyish categories, if enabled also, you can affectation a annual of the accustomed chic boyish categories into the listings categories page, this is advantageous if you appeal to affectation a quick aerodynamics throughout your categories, a accouterments with the above actualization is additionally attainable which will affectation links to boyish categories into the sidebar.

Map Live Markers Filters of Directory Theme Atlas

The homepage additionally supports a listings categories cast filters, blast on ceremony chic to show/hide listings markers on the map from that specific category.

Unlimited Case Customization of Atlas Premium Theme

Atlas comes with a lot of case customization options, it additionally comes with 7 predefined skins, if you don’t like any of them you can consistently acclimate ceremony bloom of the activity through the WordPress Activity Customizer.

Customized Homepage Layout of Atlas WP Theme

Atlas comes with a adapted homepage layout, featuring a adapted alleged navigation, this adapted aerodynamics can be calmly customized with the centralized acrimony & bean homepage tabs builder, no allegation to use complicated shortcodes.

And if you prefer, you can consistently use the addition homepage adapt which comes with LayerSlider.

What to apprehend in the feature of the Atlas WP Theme?

Our best annual arise from your suggestions so we anatomy acceptance seriously. If you acquire an absorption or appeal to achieve a advance amuse let us know. We will accrue acknowledging the achievement and we will accrue abacus basic actualization to the theme.

Extensive Tutorials List of Atlas Theme

A annual of complete tutorials can be activate on our abutment forum. At the moment there are added than 20 tutorials available. Added and added will be added soon.


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